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Fit Future was developed with the mindset of what your future self would ask of you right now in the present.  I believe a healthy lifestyle begins with creating habits through intentional choices to fuel and build a strong body. Fit Future aims to identify your specific exercise and nutritional needs to bring you one step closer to a healthy future. The secret to results is consistency. Through my approach to health and fitness, I strive to make exercise a bright part in your day. Schedule a call today and let’s start building a fit future together!


Jeff Kelly

Owner - Head Coach

As a nationally certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, I've been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. I've coached hundreds of clients through various platforms including private training, outdoor group fitness, and online programming.  My passion for coaching came from my desire to help others create the future they deserve.  Through my own experience, I shifted my focus to prioritize both physical and mental health.  I strongly believe in the power of habits to guide us to the future we want to live.  Personally, I enjoy hiking with my girlfriend and our two fur babies, competing in obstacle course races, and weightlifting.  I hope to inspire others to live a healthy and fit life.

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Allergy, Limitation, and Disability Disclosure: It is your responsibility to make me aware of any allergies, personal limitations, or disabilities you may have that could affect your ability to consume the foods that I plan for you. You must inform me of any such conditions before I create your meal plan. If you fail to disclose this information, I cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions you may have to the foods I plan for you.

Nutritional and Dietary Guidance: The meal plan provided by me is intended to offer nutritional and dietary guidance. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

Responsibility for Adverse Reactions: You understand and agree that you assume all risks associated with consuming the foods that I plan for you. I am not responsible for any adverse reactions you may have to the foods I plan for you to eat as I am working with as much information as you give me. You acknowledge that I am not liable for any damages, injuries, or illnesses that may occur as a result of consuming the foods in your meal plan.

Confidentiality: I will keep all information you provide to me confidential, and I will not share it with any third party without your explicit consent, except as required by law.

By proceeding with the purchase of a meal plan from me, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms of use.

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